Domains – What Is A Domain?

The Domain is the address, or location, that a company, organisation or group uses on the Net. It is where their Web site may be found.

You could have your could have a domain registered for you, or you could become a client of an already established domain. For example: If your company wishes to create a Web site, you might want to secure an ‘address’ for that site that is representative of your company name, so that you might be more easily found on the Internet.

If your group is called ‘Brown’s Boxes Ltd.’, for example, it would make sense for you to register a domain such as ‘’.

Do I Need A Domain?

If you are at all serious about getting a presence on the Net – by this we mean having your company’s details published on the World Wide Web, then ‘YES’ you should consider getting your own domain name. It not only affords you a level of prestige but makes you a whole lot easier to find!

However if you need a particular name such as We can supply this to you at no cost!  pay is the hosting fee per year.  Let let us know which area you need a domain in and we can help sort this for you. 

The World Wide Web is a vast collection of pages and sites – having a domain eases the connection between you and your clients.

Which Names Are Available?

To check if your Domain name is available go to and type in the domain you wish to register.

Complete Internet Services Ltd. can offer advice in order for you to choose the most appropriate domain name, should you need it – and we will make a comprehensive search to ensure that your chosen name is available.

There are also other net extensions to the name (such as ‘’, ‘’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘.com’ ‘’, etc.) which need to be added to your address. We can offer guidance on which extension is right for you. Try Nomination’s whois to see if you domain name is available?

How Much Does This Cost?

The answer to this is – probably a lot less than you would expect.

You may think you are the only ‘Smith’s Bits Ltd.’, but imagine the damage to your Internet activities if the domain ‘’ was already taken – act early to avoid this happening.

When you consider that registration, on an annual basis, can secure a particular company name WORLD WIDE, and thus consolidate your market and trading position – the fees we charge are a drop in the ocean compared to the loss of potential marketing or trading opportunities caused by the failure to secure your domain.

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