Internet Connections

Internet Connections

The Internet (Net) is a vast world wide network of computers which are being accessed by a growing number of people and businesses looking for a wide variety of information

The kind of things you might expect to find on the Net is almost limitless and ranges from news and entertainment items, to articles and games. It is a mark of how useful the Net is as a means of reference and communication that the government has recently introduced it’s use as an important part of the National Curriculum.

The Internet can also be used for electronic mail (e-mail), social chat and to send document and application files from one person to another.

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is the interconnected graphical form of the Internet, and contains countless ‘pages’ and ‘sites’ just like this one. You can think of the WWW as a electronic library of ‘books’ and ‘magazines’. It is predicted to be the primary source of all published information in the 21st Century.

One of the nicest things about the World Wide Web however, apart from how easy it is to access, is that EVERYONE can can publish their own pages on it.

Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail (e-mail) is becoming an integral part of our way of life – for both businesses and the individual. And increasingly your e-mail address is becoming an important means of contact with your colleges and family – so having the right address is crucial!

Whether you are a home or business user, we can supply you with an e-mail address with a relevancy and prestige far superior to the usual ‘’.