Web Page Design

Web Page Design – What is a web page.

Quite simply…You are looking at one now! But, having said that, there is a lot more to web pages than what you see on the surface. Web pages, and Web sites, can be highly complex mixes of graphic design and programming script.

At Complete Internet Services Ltd. we have our own specialist Web Design team, who can either help you to utilise the 25mb of free space that we provide for our dial-up customer’s use, or can design and create stunning web pages based on your present literature.

We provide our customers with a variety of means to establish a web presence – whether that be a personal Home Page, or a professional Net commerce site!

From page and site hosting, to page and site production – we have the kind of service that takes you to the very heart of the Global Internet Community. And with the talented and creative design flair that is at our disposal, having to work on a restricted budget needn’t mean you have to make do with mediocre design effort.

At Complete Internet Services Ltd. we like to think that we put as much creative thought into even the most modest single page design that we expend on a multi-page, big-budget production!

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What Can I Put On It?

Whether you are using the free space that comes with our dial-up account, or have commissioned one of our competitively priced custom sites, the content of your pages is very much up to you!

From a simple Home Page which documents your favourite hobby or interest, to a more serious Net resource or commerce site which displays your group or company’s information – we have the skills to ensure that your Net presence is a credit to your interests, products or services. 

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Can I Afford My Own Page?

We don’t charge the earth to get you on the Web. Our charges are individually priced to ensure that you get the best value for money – and as we encourage you to input as many of your own ideas as you can into the project, we don’t saddle you with a site that isn’t really what you wanted in the first place!

Fill in the form for a quote at www.websites.completeinternetservices.co.uk

Simply email us at info@www.completeinternetservices.co.ukto get a quote of your web site ideas. We will try to answer any queries that you have about launching your own Internet pages!